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Re: biting cockatoo

Posted by Lauren on 3/30/13
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    On 8/09/12, judy keenum wrote:
    > what can i do about my biting cockatoo most of the time
    > she is very lovable but any thing that startles her causes
    > her to bite

    Dear Judy. I have a F U2 and she does the same, but she is
    also a rescue from a bad situation, and hates men. I've had
    her for over 8yrs and recently she bit a hole in my lip. It
    is very rare now that she bites, but I always know it's my
    fault because I didn't read her signal. She plucks when I put
    her up. She is nesting on eggs, and I am her nest, so she
    always wants out. The one thing that will prevent her biting
    when I feel she's getting nippy is her baby blanket. I just
    put it over her and put her up. She is a VERY SWEET bird,
    super smart, and very quiet until I leave her room. Then all I
    hear is, "Where ya goin?" on and on! You have to remember,
    they think we are birds! And they think this is their world,
    we're just living in it. Try to keep a schedule, as hard as
    it is. What I can tell you is that this bird saved my life.
    I'm disabled and housebound. Now when I am depressed, I
    think, who would care for her like I do?...I suggest ANYONE
    looking into any Cockatoo understand the ups and downs with
    birds. The ups are far worth it to me. Good luck! Let me
    know if I can help... Lauren