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    Post: Lovely pair of Umbrella Cockatoos for sale

    Roberto Martinez

    Posted on 3/05/14
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    Cockatoos are a little more exotic than your average,
    run-of-the-mill budgie. They are a member of the parrot
    family and are quite popular as household pets. Cockatiels
    are extremely affectionate and love to be handled. They are
    not quite as noisy as some of the other parrots and are not
    great candidates for talking but they do whistle quite a bit
    and are relatively easy to care for. A Cockatoos can live
    about 30 years so be sure this is a commitment you are
    willing and able to make before deciding on a cockatiel.
    These birds come in a variety of colors and patterns.Text us
    through (440) 925-5912 for details.

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