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    Post: goffin cockatoo - For Sale


    Posted on 4/05/17
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    goffin cockatoo - For Sale
    beautiful 4 year old goffin cockatoo he is a very good
    talker he talks more then any other goffin i have ever seen.
    he is very loving even with strangers he loves strangers. i
    have spoiled him he has never been locked in his cage. he is
    good with kids i will be sad to see him go. but i just dont
    have the time to spend with him i am so busy with kids and
    my sick husband. and bobby thats the birds name he is
    loseing out he needs so much love and attention and he isnt
    getting enough i want someone to love him and take good care
    of him like i do he will come with cage and toys.i wpuld
    like 750 or best offer . Call now (506) 801-3146

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