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    Post: Umbrella cockatoo

    Lauren L

    Posted on 11/27/18
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    Rehoming A.S.A.P. Umbrella cockatoo. unknown age/gender.
    thought to be between 2-5 yrs. female... We call her/him
    baby. We've been saying her..... We got her from a fellow
    bird lover back in Aug, but shes come to attacking my
    daughter's feet and its not safe or fair for either of

    There is a rehoming fee $600. No cage. But negotiable. Has

    She barks like a dog, says baby, pretty bird and loves
    cuddling and giving kisses....

    Would be best in an adult home or home with older children
    great with all animals, lives with a dog, 2 cats and 5
    ferrets right now, was with a cockatiel conure and

    She was previously abused prior to both I and member
    getting Baby, but has opened up lovingly to teens and
    adults.... I have her vet records from Locke Taylor

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