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Re: Green Cheek Conures

Posted by Debbie on 4/28/06
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    They can be so sweet if hand raised and handled the right
    way. Always buy from a breeder if possible and make sure you
    feel comfortable with that breeder so you can go back or
    call to ask questions if you might need to. Pet stores are
    so over priced and you really dont know what that bird might
    catch with so many people looking and being around it.
    The green cheeks are little clowns and are so much fun but
    can be like a pit bull to other birds or dogs too.
    They think they can fight any size bird so you just have to
    watch that if you have other birds. Mine is with my a
    senegal at times and they do get along and it can work but
    not to often. Mostly they like their own kind.
    They can talk some but not really clear and they can be
    kinda loud so make sure you go around some before you buy
    just in case the pitch of the bird bothers you.
    Male or female really doesnt matter (you really cant tell
    the difference) but pick the bird for its personality or
    best yet let it pick you. Hope this helps if not just ask
    more you have my email and I dont mind if I can help. :0)

    On 4/26/06, Nan wrote:
    > Could someone give me a little info on Green Cheek Conures?
    > Personality, pet quality, and etc.....
    > Does it matter as far as the sex of the bird for pet
    > quality??