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Re: Holes in Clothes

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 4/27/06
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    Not much you can do about that. I have holes in some of my
    favorite shirts. (learn not to wear your favorite clothes
    while holding them) LOL
    Meeko's Mom

    On 4/27/06, Becky wrote:
    > I bought a sun conue a few weeks ago because the other
    > owners did not have time to have him out of his cage at
    > all. Well he loves to be out but the only thing he wants
    > to do is to put holes in our clothes and he can do it
    > fast. What if anything can be done to discourage it. I
    > have tried putting him in the cage every time he does but
    > that has not helped. He quits every time we say no bite
    > but within a minute or so he is doing it again like he
    > forgot we don't like it.