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Re: Holes in Clothes

Posted by Becky on 5/03/06
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    On 5/02/06, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    > My sun conure likes to sit inside my shirt, with his head sticking
    > out the neck.I've read that alot of sun conures prefer to be
    > inside of their owners clothing. Meeko doesn't chew on my shirts
    > when he is inside my clothing.
    > Meeko's Mom
    > On 5/02/06, Becky wrote:
    >> I have alot of toys that he has in his cage. He is also out alot
    >> during the day. Sunny does not poop on me much so that is not
    >> too much of a problem. I was just hoping there was something I
    >> could do to retrain him not to chew clothing. Oh well.
    Never thought of that, I can try it. Thanks!