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Re: Holes in Clothes

Posted by Einstein on 6/03/06
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    You let your birds poop all over you? Does it turn you on? Is
    mamma a dirty bird? Any golden showers you would like to
    report? Ewwww. She draws blood? Ok; You have a pet that craps
    on you and draws blood. I think that by very definition makes
    you an enabler and a perpetual victim. Is there an after school
    special we can reference to help this blood and feces covered
    bird lover?

    On 5/02/06, Emily wrote:
    > Hi Becky:
    > Birds naturally chew on the trees they land on and that is
    > just inbred in them. I just always put on a shirt that I know
    > isn't a good shirt. Also my little stinker loves to poop all
    > over my shirt so we have named them "poop shirts" lol. I
    > rescued my conure (a nanday) when she was four years old. She
    > had already been passed along to four different homes. The
    > last home the wife of the owner of her was going to kill her
    > with bug spray. I say that woman was a wicked witch. When
    > Curtygirl first saw me she came right onto my shoulder and
    > told me hello. We have not been apart since. That was 7
    > years ago. I have had to overcome a lot of the mistreatment
    > that others did to her. But I never loose my temper with her
    > even when she has drawn blood.
    > Becky just make sure you have enough toys in your birds cage
    > that they can chew on. My bird loves those little wooden
    > stars on rawhide ropes. She also loves those natural branches
    > that are made of that really hard wood with an attachment that
    > screw onto the side of the cage. Hope it helps.
    > Emily
    > On 4/27/06, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    >> Not much you can do about that. I have holes in some of my
    >> favorite shirts. (learn not to wear your favorite clothes
    >> while holding them) LOL
    >> Meeko's Mom
    >> On 4/27/06, Becky wrote:
    >>> I bought a sun conue a few weeks ago because the other
    >>> owners did not have time to have him out of his cage at
    >>> all. Well he loves to be out but the only thing he wants
    >>> to do is to put holes in our clothes and he can do it
    >>> fast. What if anything can be done to discourage it. I
    >>> have tried putting him in the cage every time he does but
    >>> that has not helped. He quits every time we say no bite
    >>> but within a minute or so he is doing it again like he
    >>> forgot we don't like it.