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Re: Holes in Clothes

Posted by Phil/wild on 6/03/06
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    Yet another person that can't see that someone is reaching out for
    help. Einstein stick to physics. please remember there is a-lot of
    people here that will jump down your neck,just for asking for help.

    What they don't realize is that their the ones that need the help.
    But remember we all sit behind our computers and shout out CRAP.
    Just some of us do to help and others do it to feel like there KING

    Also the real help always uses there real name.

    Warmest Regards Phil/Wild

    On 6/03/06, Einstein wrote:
    > You let your birds poop all over you? Does it turn you on? Is
    > mamma a dirty bird? Any golden showers you would like to
    > report? Ewwww. She draws blood? Ok; You have a pet that craps
    > on you and draws blood. I think that by very definition makes
    > you an enabler and a perpetual victim. Is there an after school
    > special we can reference to help this blood and feces covered
    > bird lover?
    > On 5/02/06, Emily wrote:
    >> Hi Becky:
    >> Birds naturally chew on the trees they land on and that is
    >> just inbred in them. I just always put on a shirt that I know
    >> isn't a good shirt. Also my little stinker loves to poop all
    >> over my shirt so we have named them "poop shirts" lol. I
    >> rescued my conure (a nanday) when she was four years old. She
    >> had already been passed along to four different homes. The
    >> last home the wife of the owner of her was going to kill her
    >> with bug spray. I say that woman was a wicked witch. When
    >> Curtygirl first saw me she came right onto my shoulder and
    >> told me hello. We have not been apart since. That was 7
    >> years ago. I have had to overcome a lot of the mistreatment
    >> that others did to her. But I never loose my temper with her
    >> even when she has drawn blood.
    >> Becky just make sure you have enough toys in your birds cage
    >> that they can chew on. My bird loves those little wooden
    >> stars on rawhide ropes. She also loves those natural branches
    >> that are made of that really hard wood with an attachment that
    >> screw onto the side of the cage. Hope it helps.
    >> Emily
    >> On 4/27/06, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    >>> Not much you can do about that. I have holes in some of my
    >>> favorite shirts. (learn not to wear your favorite clothes
    >>> while holding them) LOL
    >>> Meeko's Mom
    >>> On 4/27/06, Becky wrote:
    >>>> I bought a sun conue a few weeks ago because the other
    >>>> owners did not have time to have him out of his cage at
    >>>> all. Well he loves to be out but the only thing he wants
    >>>> to do is to put holes in our clothes and he can do it
    >>>> fast. What if anything can be done to discourage it. I
    >>>> have tried putting him in the cage every time he does but
    >>>> that has not helped. He quits every time we say no bite
    >>>> but within a minute or so he is doing it again like he
    >>>> forgot we don't like it.