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Re: Does my Green Cheek Drink Too Much Coffee?

Posted by starbucks on 4/30/06
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    On 4/29/06, mama wrote:
    > Duhhh did't read the whole post what an A** you are!
    > On 4/29/06, Zwilly Bobbinger wrote:
    >> She usually drinks a few tablespoons out of my cup each
    >> morning. I don't know if anyone else has notice this, but
    >> conures really like coffee. I still think seeds get her
    >> much more wound up than coffee though. But the other day
    >> I caught her multi-tasking while driving her SUV. I am
    >> also slightly bothered by the way she nods her head yes
    >> and says "aha aha aha" the whole time I am talking to her,
    >> despite the fact that she isn't listening to me. My
    >> question is, should I switch to decaf or is this normal?

    I say swing by Starbucks and maybe they'll use her in some
    advertising. I mean c'mon, what could be cuter than a Conure
    swigging on an expresso? lol