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Re: Conure needing a home

Posted by john on 2/01/07
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    On 1/30/07, Lisa wrote:
    > On 4/30/06, JJ wrote:
    >> My sisters Mother-in-law has a three year old sun conure
    >> that she is needing to place. We live in Kokomo Indiana
    > and
    >> would like for him to go with someone local or semi-local
    >> with conure experience. If anyone is interested please
    >> email me. We just want to find Sunny a good home. Not
    >> looking to make money or anything.
    > HI hon, I am in whiting IN and seen your you
    > still have the conure? Please let me know. I do bird
    > rescue. Thanks so much Lisa
    >Hello I am a 30 year old disabled man and have come to love
    the companionship of my birds I now have 2 tiel's 8 keet's and
    2 conures and would love to give your bird a good home I do
    not do bird rescue to find a bird another home so you would
    know I would never try to sell your bird and make money like
    most bird recues do although I do bird rescue to give them a
    great home and lots of love for the rest of there lifes and to
    give me something to wake up for being I suffer from
    depression because I will never be able to work or do the
    things I love. so now I spend all my time with my birds and
    sorry I don't live so close but I live in washington pa but
    would love to make the trip to give sunny a good home.