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Re: Blue Crown Conure

Posted by Rowena on 5/08/06
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    On 5/01/06, nlynn wrote:
    > Could anyone tell me a little about a Blue Crown Conure?
    > The Pet quality of a Blue Crown and also the loudness?
    > Thanks

    I've got a rescued blue crown female and have had her for
    about 3 weeks now. She's still in my quarantine room so
    perhaps her behaviour may change when she's out in the house
    with the rest of the flock, but, so far, this is what I know
    from observing her and my research.

    Blue Crowns are supposed to be the best talkers of the
    conures. Definitely larger then most. Very Very loud when
    she wants to be. Louder then my grey. She was mostly
    unhandled for the past 4 years but she will step up when
    she's out of her cage, and she seems to prefer human
    company. When she wants to be with me, she is definitely
    gentle and will "preen" whatever part of me she can reach.
    I'm looking forward to her coming out of quarantine and being
    with the family and working with her more.

    But then, every bird is an individual with their own quirks
    and personalities. Just remember to take that into account
    as well.