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Re: Any tips for a new owner?

Posted by Alison on 7/10/06
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    On 5/15/06, annie wrote:
    > i just got my bird three days ago she is being rele good so
    > far.. a little nippy tho... any types of food your birds
    > prefer?
    Birds need a variety of foods to maintain good health. An
    all seed OR all pellet diet is an very bad idea. In the wild
    they would eat lots of fresh fruits and berries and whatever
    seeds they could find. In captivity they should be offered
    fresh fruits and veggies, as well as seed and pellets to make
    sure that they have a well rounded diet. Pasta with no sauce
    can be fed in moderation. Many birds enjoy cooked chicken
    and even beef. Avoid fish due to the high levels of
    mercury. As I said, a diet consisting of just seed, or just
    pellet is not healthy. -Alison-