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Re: Is this a Conure?what kind?

Posted by Elizabeth on 5/20/06
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    Taken from the webpage that is listed below; How to tell if
    you have a green cheek or maroon belly)

    First, is the top of the head: in green cheeks, it is a dark
    grayish or blackish, while in maroon bellies, it's green.

    Second is the tail: green cheeks have an all-maroon tail,
    above and below. Maroon bellies have green on the tops of
    their tails, maroon below.

    To further confuse you, occasionally you may run across
    a hybrid between a green cheek and a maroon belly. These
    may have traits of both species, and if you find a
    particular bird that seems hard to distinguish absolutely
    from either a green cheek or a maroon belly, it may well be
    a hybrid. _From the green cheek conure homepage, not me! visit this site
    for more informatiom.
    also look under google in images for the species you want to
    see pics of. they should give you several photos to look at
    and compare. the other thing could be is that the bird is a
    hybrid - such as a "sunday" conure which is a sun and a
    jenday = sunday. happens more and more often.

    if you have any more ?'s feel free to email me.

    On 5/19/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > I wasn't sure and noor is my brothers girlfriend. He
    > recently got a new green conure? and a dunny. But she is
    > not sure what species of bird it is. It is small and green
    > a bit smaller than a sunny and about the size of a maroon
    > bellied. It doesn't have any maroon on i because it may
    > still be young but.. any guesses?