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Post: Sun Conures

Posted by Jan on 5/24/06

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    Hi Have two sun conures one 3years and the other is all
    most one year . and I think it is so neat how they all have
    there own ways. Mine at about 5pm or alittle after always
    saids night night and this is when they want me to cover
    there cage for the night. I fine they sleep better when
    covered . I buy my bird at the bird fair that they have
    twice a year in my state G.A. I love birds. At the bird
    fair you can buy all kinds of things to make your birds own
    toys,cages Seeds of all kinds and most of all birds of all
    kinds and ages. I My self allway buy only hand fed birds.My
    birds when I brought them home they were still being fed by
    hand .This to help the bird and you bon better together I
    seem to think so.I like reading about other peoples
    birds .If you Buy abird from the bird fair you will find
    them better price for sure.well I'll try to come on the
    live chat tonight you all have a great evening.

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