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Re: My Peaches had more little ones, Yeh!

Posted by Terri on 6/03/06
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    Hi Dee,

    I am looking for a sun conure. I was wondering how much
    you wanted for your's and if you could tell me the town you
    live in? Thanks for your time...Terri

    > Hey everyone it's me Dee, I have not been on the website
    > for the longest, I believe almost a year. My Sun Conures
    > had 4 eggs about 2 months ago. Only 3 survived the last
    > to hatch did not (it was sad he was so tiny). But the
    > 3 look very healthy and their colors are beginning to
    > From the first clutch I kept one for my son and he named
    > Rainbow, he is the cutest thing. He lets me carry him and
    > hand feed him, he turned out pretty good for a bird that
    > was raised by his parents. I will try and sell these 3 but
    > if I don't I guess I will have 6 birds. I love my birds
    > they are so precious. Thanks Michael if your out there for
    > all your help.