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Re: Filing beaks??

Posted by Tina on 6/11/06
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    On 6/09/06, Jody, Deebo & Timber wrote:
    > On 6/07/06, Tina wrote:
    >> I am getting a Sun Conure tomarrow from someone who can no
    >> longer take care of him and I was told that he needs his
    >> beak filed. Anyone ever hear of this or have it done
    >> regularly? I only have a Cockatiel so I am new to Conures.
    >> Thanks...Tina.
    > Tina, this is a highly controversial issue :)
    > Alison is right in saying that there are medical reasons for
    > a beak to be trimmed because of over growth.
    > Most people just don't want to get pierced by a bite, so they
    > have thier birds beak trimmed regularly by a vet.
    > Most vets use a dremel tool with a file to trim or file down
    > the beak.
    > Let me interject my experience, then suggestion :)
    > For 3 years my Sun had his beak trimmed during his 6 months
    > exams. Then - after one such trim, my baby went in to a
    > seizure, or stroke like trauma. It was pretty scary. The
    > vet was in a query as to why this happened. My little guy
    > was okay after about 15 minutes. But I was really looped
    > watching him go thru this. Six months later, the vet trimmed
    > his beak again, same thing happened. So we decided it wasn't
    > gonna happen again and no more beak trim. If my little one
    > gets a point at his beak, I simply use a coarse emery board
    > and take the sharp tip off, rounding sort of. No severe
    > trauma.
    > I have read that the beak is similar to our fingernails when
    > they grow out. No feeling, no pain etc. I have read that
    > the beak is a living organ and has nerves in it.
    > I guess it's all in what you want to believe - but as far as
    > I am concerned, no dremel tool will ever touch either of my
    > baby boys beaks again !! The noise the drill makes is scary,
    > I am sure if nothing else - the vibration is alot wierd, and
    > overall it's a great stress inducer !!
    > Good luck in whatever you decide :)
    That is enough for me to hear. I won't be taking him. I will do
    it myself when necessary. I don't want anyone hurting mentally
    or physically. Thanks...