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Re: Introducing new foods?

Posted by Andie on 6/11/06
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    On 6/11/06, Tina wrote:
    > Ok. I finally got Franklin home this past Thursday. He is
    > doing great! But,he has been on only one food it seems and
    > I want to introduce other things. Right now he eats ZuPreem
    > Avian Maintenance Fruit Blend. This is what he has been on
    > his entire life so far. I think he should be getting other
    > things. What is the best way to intrduce new foods?
    > Also,what kinds of things should I be introducing? I tried
    > a dried fruit and nut blend from the pet store but he
    > doesn't seem to touch it. I also tried fresh apple but,
    > again,no success. He does seem to be eating from a seed bar
    > I hung in his cage. He likes that. With everything I've
    > read,it seems he should be getting so,so much more. Any
    > info would be great. Thanks...Tina.

    At least he is on a pelleted diet to start with. You didn't
    say how old he is...I suspect he is young (sorry I can't keep
    up with all the posts =). If he is he should take to things
    readily with a little persistance. The seed bar hanging in
    his cage is like a candy bar...I'm sure he LOOOOVES it =).
    They are often made with molassas. They are ok given every
    ONCE in a while as a good treat, but definately in moderation
    as all that sugar is bad for them. Fruits can be high in
    sugar too so give those in moderation. Below I linked two
    excellent articles. I encourage you to read them both. The
    first one is introducing new foods and the second is what
    fruits and vegetables are good for them. Good luck!