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Re: Sexual behavior?

Posted by sheri on 7/17/06
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    On 6/13/06, Tina wrote:
    > I was reading on here about how females masterbate. I
    > Franklin may be a Miss Franklin. I was holding him on my
    > shoulder and he started doing this weird movement with his
    > upper tail area. I t creeped me out so I put him away. His
    > feathers got really poofed out the entire time he did
    > this,which was not long because I stopped him. Does this
    > sound like some kind of frisky behavior? Do females only
    > this? What can be done? Thanks... i have a conure she has
    a bed that hangs in her cage she masterbates on it she pulls
    it gets in the right postion and she goes freaked me out the
    first time she 6 years and startrd it 2 years ago people
    told me to get her a mate im not sure what else can be done
    mine fluffs out while shes doing it and after shes done