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Re: conures in the same cage

Posted by Dave on 8/20/06
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    On 6/14/06, Kristin wrote:
    > I already have a conure at home. I have a family friend who
    > wants to find a new home for her conure. I would love to
    > take in her conure, but I don't know how he would do with
    > the one I already have or if they would get along. Do you
    > think if I started by putting their cages next to eachother
    > that they would get used to eachother? What would you
    > suggest? Thanks!
    > ~Kristin

    That's the most common method used when trying to find out if
    2 birds will get along with each other. But, there's always
    different results. 2 birds might not like each other and will
    have to remain in separate cages. 2 birds might like each
    other as long as each has their own cage to back to after
    playtime is over. 2 birds might like each other and will have
    no problems being in the same cage. 2 birds might like each
    other so much that after being in the same cage they decide
    to exclude you and only concentrate on each other. That can
    lead to getting bitten.
    My opinion is go with the way it presently is...let them get
    to know each other but let them have their own cage. Both
    birds are already used to having their own cage-----Dave