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Re: blue crown conure rescue help

Posted by corey on 6/23/06
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    I guess no opinions?...well heres a little more info on him.

    The little guy seems to be settling in more and is eating
    alot better.His droppings looked real bad the 1st couple days
    but now look normal.He doesn't move around alot and likes to
    stay in 1 area,i've left his door partial open so he can come
    out if he feels comfortable.
    He has i believe some sort of nervous system problem,I'm
    going to observe him for a couple weeks so i can have more
    things to explain to the vet.He likes to be talked to and
    interacts well,he lifts his wings and fluffs his head when
    you talk to him but doesn't want anything to do with my hands
    yet.If he had Most common avian diseases i've read about,he
    would of been dead allready because they kill within a couple
    weeks.So if i can observe him for a couple weeks,i can
    hopefully narrow some of the tests down for the vet to figure
    what may be wrong and it won't cost me as much.