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Re: blue crown conure rescue help

Posted by Elizabeth on 6/24/06
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    I personally would not wait to take the blue crown conures for
    an avian vet visit...if you are noticing problems it could be
    something such as a toxic metal exposure or a reaction to
    something s/he was exposed to in the prev. homes. Or s/he
    could be sick - they need to be treated asap. Waiting will
    cause more complications and more $ in vet costs. The earlier
    the treatment the better...

    If untreated it will continue to make things worse. Take a
    sample of the droppings with you (they may take fresh) but you
    can show them what they look like at home. I know the avain
    vets are more expensive but most will discount if he was
    a "rescued" bird...some will also work with paymets plans with
    you OR if the treatment is reasonable but more than what you
    are able to pay - SOME vets, not all, will treat the bird if
    you give him over and they will find him a home for him.

    The tests that they would run will probobly be the same if you
    brought him in now than if you brought him in a few weeks.
    They should run at least a general blood panel - which will
    show them how his system is inside. This is a starting point
    to figure out what other tests - if any are needed. I would
    have that done at least - even if you can't afford to do the
    others the blood test will start you in the right direction.
    You should also get his weight - a scale is a bird owners BEST
    friend - if you don't have one this is a great site -prices are good and they ship fast.

    Other than that offer him a quality diet in addition to
    whatever he was eating prev. changing his diet when something
    is wrong is not a good idea. You can offer foods for him to
    choose from but make sure his staple diet is the same. Until
    you bring him to the vet you can add a few drops of ACV to his
    drinking water to help clean him out. I use this on my pairs
    right when the boxes go up and about once a month after that.

    You can email me directly if you want or someone will be
    around to help. :-)