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Re: blue crown conure rescue help

Posted by Elizabeth on 6/24/06
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    As always keep him seperated from your conure - seperate air
    space, play time and ALWAYS feed/water your bird first then
    the "new" bird. Wash your hands between birds or disenfect
    your hands too - and when you are done. It is much easier to
    keep them seperated with one in Q, than it is to spend 2x as
    much on vet bills...
    Best wishes.

    On 6/20/06, corey wrote:
    > I have a 3 year old bc conure and also just acquired a
    > plucked bc conure that i was told is 3 years old. He/she
    > not banded and i didn't get much info from the owner.She
    > said she had him 6 months and he was plucked when she got
    > him,she thought another bird did it to him but i doubt
    > it.She had him around other birds also and they seemed
    > healthy.I have kept the bird away from my other birds and
    > have him in an area that is pretty quiet to get him
    > adjusted.The owner told me that he stays in 1 area of the
    > cage always and i've noticed the same,ive only had him 2
    > days now.I haven't tried to hold him yet because i want
    > to get adjusted 1st,she said some people have held him
    > but she never has.He seems depressed and doesn't have a
    > of energy.He was real quiet at first but today he has
    > vocalized more and his appetite is better.I would love to
    > work with him but think he may need some expensive vet
    > testing to see what his real problem is so I think i'm
    > going to give him for adoption before i get to
    > attached.Does anyone know of any avian vets that would
    > adopt him and work with him?
    > Or any other advice that you may have,i've spent hours and
    > hours online searching topics on plucking.I haven't really
    > found anything on plucking with the same symptoms.If i
    > knew more about his past it would help so much.