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Re: baby conure whats the right age to purchase?

Posted by Elizabeth on 6/23/06
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    It is more about how they are handled and raised then at
    what age you buy them. At this age your potential baby is
    still very young - they wean around 8-12 weeks, about 9-10
    being the norm here. They should be weaned on their
    timetable - not the breeder/handfeeders. :-)

    So your baby would be, most likely, weaned already. The most
    important thing to look at is the baby socialized? On a
    quality diet? What type of gaurentee do they offer? Does
    s/he know set up, basic manners and do you click with the
    parrot? Some birds you will click with others you won't -
    alot of parrots will pick their people themeselves, don't be
    in a rush to choose. If someone else puts a deposit down -
    you can always wait for another clutch...waiting to think
    things through can be a good thing.

    On 6/23/06, Erika wrote:
    > I'm intrested in buying a 3-4 month yellow-sided GCC I was
    > wondering if that is too young or old to get one. Is there
    > an ideal age to buy one? Thank you for your help!