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Re: won't stop talking

Posted by adrain on 7/08/06
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    On 7/07/06, alli wrote:
    > my patagonian conure won't stop making noise even when her
    > cage is covered, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Conures in general can be noisy. I could be wrong but,
    as far as ive known patagonians are just (((LOUD!!!)))ALL
    the time. I would say they are the loudest of all conures
    and maybe the loudest parrot period. They may not be the
    loudest in decibels but, in that they are never quite. Some
    may call this abuse and maybe it is, since screaming is just
    part or the birds nature, but you might try puting your
    patagonian in a pitch dark quite room when she's becoming
    too much to handle. Or maybe just put her in a room where
    the noise wont be so much of a nuisance. I will probably
    get a lot of hateful comments for saying this but,
    sometimes as much as you care for them, you just need some
    peace and quite from your little darlings. Ive never had to
    do this w/ my bird. I have been blessed w/ an unusualy calm
    DYH. Although, i do have an out side cage for her when she
    is too loud (like when we have company) or just for her to
    get some fresh air and sun shine. If this is an option you
    might find solice in it aswell. Hopefully every thing works
    out for you and you patty. Peace/Out