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Re: plucking conure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Eleonora on 7/27/06
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    Hi Monica, conure's skin is naturally dry, so water bath is
    good, or evaporator near the cage, or just plate with water
    in a cage. I give bath to my janday every other day in a
    sink, so it is fun and health at the same time. Also, please
    read my answer above to "blue conure" and other's posts,
    it'll give you information on how to spend time with conure,
    different tricks people fugured out by themselves. My janday
    scared me few times by plucking feathers, so I realized he
    need more attention. You'll laugh, but my talking to him and
    few kisses every day heal his soul. Of course, this bird will
    demand more and more, so find some borderline to it :)