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Re: plucking conure!!!!!!!!!!!!!! long post

Posted by electra on 7/28/06
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    I couldn't help but notice that you said your vet drew blood
    and said your bird was fine.........did this vet do a skin
    scraping to rule out mites or fungus??? This should have
    been done when blood was drawn to rule the medical aspect
    out. Next if they don't find a medical problem....the vet
    needs to adress psychological issues with you..... Do you
    have lots of toys that you change often to prevent
    boredom?? Is the bird constanly under stress like small
    LOUD kids or pets?? Is the bird getting fruits and veggies
    besides the pellets?? Are you bathing the bird frequently??
    Do you need to shorten your photo period as long daylight
    times can cause a hormone surge?? Does anyone in the house
    smoke or burn candles or incense??? Did your vet explain
    that plucking often goes thru stages and can progress from
    plucking to mutilation??? Is this vet a certified avian
    vet?? If not I suggest trying to find one as regular vets
    may be wonderful with your cat or dog but have very little
    experience treating a bird. Sorry this is so long but these
    are the types of questions you should start bugging your vet
    about and I hope this helps.


    On 7/19/06, monica wrote:
    > My blue crown conure has been picking her feathers for
    > about a year. The vet took blood and said she was healthy,
    > and maybe changing her diet to organic food. I have sone
    > that, no more human junk food and all she gets is organic
    > fruits, and an organic pellet by harrisons. She still
    > picks and I don't know what to do, I feel like I'm a bad
    > mother, please help!