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Re: is a blue crown conure right for my situation?

Posted by Eleonora on 7/27/06
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    I am fully agree with Electra - conure is very sociable bird,
    and it'll got a lot of problems - plucking feathers, piercing
    screams, agressiveness - if you'll not spend 3-4 hours every
    day with it. I have janday myself, and it is my expierence.
    Very sensitive bird, want to be "the favorite" all the time. In
    my case - I also have cat - so, cat gave up because janday
    always after her, there is no way to make a peace with him, he
    would scream his soul out to drive cat out of his way - funny
    and touchable indeed! It could sound that my bird is totally
    spoiled, but read all other people's posts, and you'll see my
    point. Eleonora.