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Re: My bird lost his voice!

Posted by Fran on 8/02/06
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    On 8/01/06, Cameron wrote:
    > I woke up this morning to see that my Nanday Conure,
    > Georgie, has no voice. His personality is the same, but he
    > doe not swak or make any noise. My family and I are very
    > concerned. Should we take him to the vet to get him looked
    > at? What could cause a bird to loose his/her voice? Please
    > respond. Anything will help.

    Cameron, yes you should take your bird to the vet. I have no
    idea what could cause him to lose his voice but laryngitis
    in humans can be viral or bacterial. If he has an infection
    he will need proper treatment from an avian vet. Sick birds
    can go downhill very quickly. Let us now how he is doing.