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Re: So Far Two Austral Conures have hatched.

Posted by Scott on 8/19/06
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    Hi Marc,
    I have posted a link with some information about them. They are
    pretty hard to find these days and we are actually looking to
    try and hold one back to set up new pairs. They are super sweet
    and normally sing as soon as the lights go out. We are very
    Thanks for your well wishes! If anyone wants to write you can
    email me at

    On 8/14/06, Marc Angelo wrote:
    > On 8/08/06, LauraJ wrote:
    >> On 8/08/06, Scott wrote:
    >>> We are way excited this is their first clutch and they
    >>> have five more eggs in the nest box.....
    >>> Both babies and Mama are doing great!
    >> Congratulations Scott and good luck with the rest of the
    > eggs.
    >> LauraJ
    > what are they, could u send some pics or post some pics,
    > thanks
    > marc