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Re: green cheeked conure

Posted by Debbie on 8/19/06
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    Lots of people swear the tents help so they can hide and
    feel more secure in them. Mine makes noise to come out mostly
    I have many types of birds and my green cheeks are the worst
    pitched sound to me. Mine get covered up for getting too
    wound up at times but my husband sleeps days and I have to
    keep the peace in the house.
    I bought a mate for my green cheek to keep him busy but it
    doesnt help the noise its for breeding later on. My green
    cheek got along good with a senegal before I bought the mate
    and it kept him busy too but I think they are kinda noisy no
    matter what. I make sure to tell people looking for birds to
    go listen to the sounds they (adults) make before they buy
    them because I see so many conures up for sale and adoption
    to save the family sanaity after the cute baby stages go
    Hope this helps a little and more people help as well.
    Good luck :0)

    On 8/18/06, Susan wrote:
    > I don't know how to stop by conure from screaming and
    > biting. The screaming is driving my husband crazy to the
    > point where he wants to get rid of our 8 year old bird who
    > loves our cats and preens their ears. Help