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Post: Help with my BCC's

Posted by Reatha on 8/30/06

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    I just recently rescued 3 BCC's from out local pet store. 1
    of them is really really sweet, but will bite until you get
    him on your hand...luckly he doesnt bite hard. The other 2
    however I'm starting to call them the evil twins. They are
    just down right mean. They are all suppose to be about 3
    years old but the more I look at them, I think the nice one
    is still somewhat of a baby. He is much smaller than the
    other two. We have lost alot of blood trying to get the
    other 2 use to people and use to being held. Needless to
    say, we dont hold them very long because like I said, they
    are mean. Does anyone have any ideas on how to tame them
    enough that they dont want to rip or fingers off? We dont
    want to give up on them and eventually we want to be able
    to let them out of the cage to play on their play gym on
    top. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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