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Post: Premie Baby and my bird

Posted by Michelle on 8/30/06

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    Ok here is the shortest way of putting my question. Last
    week I had a baby (human) and 24 weeks and she is at the
    hospital in the NCUI doing good. I have a cherry -headed
    conure that just turned 4 three days after she was born.
    My bird was my first baby so now that people are telling
    me that I will have to get rid of him breaks my already
    broken heart. I knew that everyone here would at least
    understand that. People are telling me that birds cause
    respirtory disorders and since Abby (my baby) is a premie
    the bird will make everything worse once I get to bring
    her home. Of course it will be another 3 months if
    everything goes as good as it is that I do get to bring
    her home but I was wondering how I might be able to keep
    my bird and not put my baby in danger and if anyone as
    heard of the respirtory problems they are talking about?
    If anyone as any knowledge of this suject I need all the
    info I can get. Thank you Michelle

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