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Re: Premie Baby and my bird

Posted by Rina on 8/30/06
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    On 8/30/06, Michelle wrote:
    > Ok here is the shortest way of putting my question. Last
    > week I had a baby (human) and 24 weeks and she is at the
    > hospital in the NCUI doing good. I have a cherry -headed
    > conure that just turned 4 three days after she was born.
    > My bird was my first baby so now that people are telling
    > me that I will have to get rid of him breaks my already
    > broken heart. I knew that everyone here would at least
    > understand that. People are telling me that birds cause
    > respirtory disorders and since Abby (my baby) is a premie
    > the bird will make everything worse once I get to bring
    > her home. Of course it will be another 3 months if
    > everything goes as good as it is that I do get to bring
    > her home but I was wondering how I might be able to keep
    > my bird and not put my baby in danger and if anyone as
    > heard of the respirtory problems they are talking about?
    > If anyone as any knowledge of this suject I need all the
    > info I can get. Thank you Michelle

    Hi Michelle,
    First of all let me say :
    Best wishes on baby Abby and hope all goes well.
    My daughter also had a preemie and my grandson is 9 years old
    The respiratory problems is usually associated with the bird
    dust , more common with cockatiels, cackatoos and greys.
    But all birds have dust to some degree.
    My grandson as asthma and lots of allergies and yes
    respiratory problems and very prone to chest colds, due to
    being so small at birth.
    He can not tolerate being around my greys or he will have
    asthma attacks.
    So my birds are in there own room .
    I think right now it is too soon to tell if your baby will
    have any problems around birds .
    But just in case keep the bird and cage as clean as
    possible , dust everyday and most of all keep the bird in a
    different room from the baby.
    I do understand your feeling about the bird , But your child
    must come first.
    My birds have been with me before my grandchildren and some
    even before my own children.
    But if I did not have extra rooms and my grandson life was
    in danger ?
    Then my grandson would be first , Always.

    Good luck and keep us posted.