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Re: Premie Baby and my bird

Posted by Fran on 8/30/06
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    Michelle, So glad things are looking o.k. with Abby. That's a
    scary situation, and I'm sure you're physically and
    emotionally spent. I will be thinking of you and Abby and
    hoping for her continued progress.

    As Rina said, generally the dustier birds are the cockatoos
    and cockatiels. I have both and also have a young son.
    I assume that your bird is in a separate room from your
    nursery. So I would just recommend that you get a good air
    filter. One that uses the replaceable HEPA filters (no
    filterless like the ionic breeze, they produce ozone and are
    bad for birds and humans). Put one in your bird's room and you
    may also want to consider one for Abby's room.

    Also, keep your bird clean by weekly showers or mistings or
    whatever he prefers. Unless Abby has some specific allergy to
    your bird, I think she will be fine. Actually she and your
    bird will probably become great pals as she grows up. Our son
    at 21 months already knows all our birds' names and insists on
    helping feed and water them. He's too young to handle them
    quite yet though.

    All the best to you and baby Abby.
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