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Re: Premie Baby and my bird

Posted by Michelle on 9/01/06
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    Thank you for the advice I really need all I can get at this
    point. Abby is doing good but of course it is day by day and
    will be for a long time. Thank you again it does make me feel
    better to know that there is hope that I may be able to keep my
    animals and not harm my "other" baby. :-)


    On 8/30/06, Fran wrote:
    > Michelle, So glad things are looking o.k. with Abby. That's a
    > scary situation, and I'm sure you're physically and
    > emotionally spent. I will be thinking of you and Abby and
    > hoping for her continued progress.
    > As Rina said, generally the dustier birds are the cockatoos
    > and cockatiels. I have both and also have a young son.
    > I assume that your bird is in a separate room from your
    > nursery. So I would just recommend that you get a good air
    > filter. One that uses the replaceable HEPA filters (no
    > filterless like the ionic breeze, they produce ozone and are
    > bad for birds and humans). Put one in your bird's room and you
    > may also want to consider one for Abby's room.
    > Also, keep your bird clean by weekly showers or mistings or
    > whatever he prefers. Unless Abby has some specific allergy to
    > your bird, I think she will be fine. Actually she and your
    > bird will probably become great pals as she grows up. Our son
    > at 21 months already knows all our birds' names and insists on
    > helping feed and water them. He's too young to handle them
    > quite yet though.
    > All the best to you and baby Abby.
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