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Re: LOOKING for a Home for a Mitred Conure..RI/MA

Posted by Debbie on 10/09/06
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    Dear Joann, My family and I have been interested in getting a conure. If you are
    still looking for a home for yours, please give us a call at :
    or drop us a line at:

    Thank you Debbie

    On 9/06/06, JoAnn wrote:
    > Hi,
    > we recently inherited a mitred conure from cousins, but
    > have been unable to handle the screaming and has now
    > started to influence our other bird's vocals...
    > His name is Maverick, and is Extrememly tame, but also a
    > plucker. He is 9 yrs old.
    > We are located in Rhode Island, near Ma.
    > Any one interested can respond via email.