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Re: Do Sun Conures talk?

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 9/12/06
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    I have a Sun Conure that is 2 years old. And, he does talk.
    (alot) His favorite thing to say is "hey baby". He repeats
    this all day long. Especially when my 17 year old daughter
    pulls in the drive way after work. (as soon as he hears her
    car alarm going off... he starts saying hey baby, hey baby,
    hey baby)
    He also says "you ready to eat?" he says "Meeko" , "kiss
    kiss", "step up"," gimme five", "you want a treat" ? & a few
    other things. He immates all kinds of noises like the
    microwave, timer on stove, coke can opening, dogs barking,
    He is so silly.... loves being inside of my shirt, with just
    his head sticking out, hanging upside down on my finger.
    Meeko loves to cuddle.... loves to have his head rubbed.

    On 9/12/06, Vilma wrote:
    > Does anyone here have a Sun Conure that actually talks and
    > if so what does he or she say. How long after taken home
    > did he or she start to talk? Do they climb stairs and
    > things what funny things do they do? Do they love to be
    > cuddley? I am going to be a new sun conure mom in about 2
    > weeks so all the help and advice I can get will be much
    > appreciated.