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Re: Do Sun Conures talk?

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 9/14/06
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    I don't recall how old He was when he first spoke. But, seems
    like he was several months old. His first word was uh-oh. I set
    him on the T-stand to play, and had walked out of the room, and
    forgot about him.... then I hear this noise. He was walking down
    the hall trying to find me, saying uh-oh.
    His speach is pretty clear. You can ask all the questions you
    want ! How old is the Sun Conure you are getting?

    On 9/14/06, Vilma wrote:
    > Wow that sounds so neat. How long after you took him home did
    > he try to say something? Is it clear enough when he does say
    > something. Can you send me a picture or something to see.
    > Can I ask you more questions or am I being a pest.
    > On 9/12/06, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    >> I have a Sun Conure that is 2 years old. And, he does talk.
    >> (alot) His favorite thing to say is "hey baby". He repeats
    >> this all day long. Especially when my 17 year old daughter
    >> pulls in the drive way after work. (as soon as he hears her
    >> car alarm going off... he starts saying hey baby, hey baby,
    >> hey baby)
    >> He also says "you ready to eat?" he says "Meeko" , "kiss
    >> kiss", "step up"," gimme five", "you want a treat" ? & a few
    >> other things. He immates all kinds of noises like the
    >> microwave, timer on stove, coke can opening, dogs barking,
    >> etc.
    >> He is so silly.... loves being inside of my shirt, with just
    >> his head sticking out, hanging upside down on my finger.
    >> Meeko loves to cuddle.... loves to have his head rubbed.
    >> On 9/12/06, Vilma wrote:
    >>> Does anyone here have a Sun Conure that actually talks and
    >>> if so what does he or she say. How long after taken home
    >>> did he or she start to talk? Do they climb stairs and
    >>> things what funny things do they do? Do they love to be
    >>> cuddley? I am going to be a new sun conure mom in about 2
    >>> weeks so all the help and advice I can get will be much
    >>> appreciated.