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Re: Scented oil

Posted by electra on 10/10/06
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    yes, scented anythings can harm your bird.

    On 9/14/06, Michelle wrote:
    > Hello everyone. I know that candles are bad for birds and
    > febreeze and things like that so of course I would never
    > use them. A friend of mine bought me this really cute
    > scented oil (reed diffuser) from Pier One. It is a jar
    > with sticks that stick out of the jar and the oil soaks
    > into the sticks. It is not a really strong smell but I
    > was wanting to check with everyone to see if it ok to use
    > in my house (not necessarly in the same room with my
    > bird). PS: My preemie baby (Abby) is still doing ok just
    > day by day of trying to balance work, home and hospital.
    > Thank you for all your advice and help
    > Michelle