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Re: New Bird Vet Check

Posted by Fran on 9/20/06
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    On 9/19/06, Kallie wrote:
    > What is generally recommended to be done for conures on
    > their first vet check? I just purchased my first conure
    > and I've scheduled a vet check but unfortunately there are
    > no true avian vets anywhere near me. I found one vet who
    > does work with birds regularly though and he told me that
    > the vet check can be as basic or as complex as I want.
    > What tests should I ask to have done? Any advice you all
    > can offer is appreciated.
    > Thanks,
    > Kallie

    Kallie, generally for a well bird check-up the vet should
    weigh your bird, do a general physical exam which includes
    checking his eyes, nares, vent, mouth, and feather condition
    and perform a fecal gram stain test. This is a basic check
    up. Since this is a new bird you may opt for blood work
    which would involve a CBC to check for anything abnormal.
    You can also have specific tests run for psittacosis, beak
    and feather disease and polyoma if you desire. Good luck
    with your new baby.