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Re: Protective Conure

Posted by Jo-Ann on 10/10/06
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    On 10/10/06, Elaine wrote:
    > Help. Our little Lola is so protective of us, she is
    > attacking people. She flies on to their shoulder and
    > bites right in the jugular. She particulary goes after
    > anyone she feels is a threat to our children. (Like other
    > children.) We put her in her cage,obviously if we are
    > expecting guests. However, I was just wondering if we will
    > ever be able to have her out with other people over. And,
    > I don't believe in clipping birds' wings. (So, I guess I
    > answered by own question.) I was just wondering if anyone
    > else has experienced this.

    Hi Elaine - fortunately I don't have this problem. But...
    how old is your bird? How long have you had her?

    I'm NOT an expert, but I would work on socailizing her with
    others. You may need to clip her wings (don't worry, they
    grow back!) to calm her down a bit.

    Anyone else with ideas?

    Good luck and keep us posted