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Re: Protective Conure

Posted by Elaine on 10/11/06
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    On 10/11/06, Toby's Mom wrote:
    > I agree with Jo-Ann that you should clip the bird's wings. It
    > will calm the bird and make him more dependent on humans. If you
    > don't have the heart, take the bird to a vet for the clip so you
    > won't be considered the "bad guy". The bird may be unhappy for a
    > day or two, but he will get over it.
    Hi Jo-Ann and Toby's Mom,
    I don't disagree with you guys about clipping Lola's wings, if she
    can't fly, she certainly can't attack anybody,( unless she runs up
    to someone.) So yes, clipping her wings would bring her down a
    notch,or simply putting her in her cage, would be a solution. I
    choose the later.
    As far as her being dependent on humans she already is . She
    flies after the boys to play with them, and if I'm out of the room
    she'll come and find me if she wants. It's just I have never
    clipped a bird's wings.( To me it's like a fish out of water.)You
    know what I'm saying. And the birds from my past including a
    cockatiel, have never been any less affectionate,just because
    they can fly. Also, I think she is plenty calm, right now she's
    upstairs sitting on the kitchen chair with buddy Bob, while I'm in
    the basement. I think that's also why she is an exceptionally
    quiet conure, if she wants to find us she just flies to us,
    instead of screaming from her perch. And it is very cool to see
    her and Bob "the parakeet" flying around playing with each other.
    Sorry, I just couldn't take that away from any bird.
    As far as her being protective, I was just wondering if this was
    a common trait for the conures?