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Re: green cheek conure talking

Posted by Jack Riddell on 1/18/07
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    Hi Megan,

    I bought a Yellow-Sided Green Cheek Conure about six months ago. At
    the time, he was only four months old - still a cute little baby. I
    already have an African Gray Parrot (talks like a machine!) and an
    aging cockatiel. I started talking with Miki, the conure, as soon as
    we got him home. Within a month, he was calling his name - "Miki"
    and lately, started saying "Give me a kiss" as well. He has a funny
    little voice but his words are pretty clear. I am a bird person
    going back to my teens, and I think Miki is the most entertaining,
    cutest bird I have ever seen. Not noisy, a little nutty, flips on
    his back all the time (very comical), takes very wet baths whenever
    possible, and loves human contact. Miki is a male.

    Good luck with your bird,


    On 11/07/06, Megan wrote:
    > On 10/31/06, Deb wrote:
    >> On 10/31/06, Susan R wrote:
    >>> On 10/10/06, terry wrote:
    >>>> Does anyone have a green cheek conure that talks, if so,
    >>>> when did it start, how clear is it, how much does it say?,
    >>> etc.
    >>>> Thanks
    >>> My green cheek conure is 8 and never talked. I heard females
    >>> don't. Maybe my male is a female.
    >> We have a green cheek that calls himself a "pretty birdie" all
    >> day. We can whistle and do kiss noises too. He started doing
    >> this around 1 year old. The "petty birdie" sounds like he had
    >> one drink too many at happy hour.
    > Deb: Yes! My girly Green Cheek Says Pretty Birdie, Pretty Bird,
    > Pretty Pretty Pretty, Whistles, kisses, and says her
    > name "Cricket" or Pretty Cricket. She lived in a country store
    > as a pet, that is why I think she started so young 'around 1'.
    > She also lays beside me on her back in the bed. She's pretty
    > clear in her words, unless she's screaming it. In her nighttime
    > cage, she is very good at pronouncing her words.