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Re: green cheek conure talking

Posted by Megan on 11/07/06
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    On 10/31/06, Deb wrote:
    > On 10/31/06, Susan R wrote:
    >> On 10/10/06, terry wrote:
    >>> Does anyone have a green cheek conure that talks, if so,
    >>> when did it start, how clear is it, how much does it say?,
    >> etc.
    >>> Thanks
    >> My green cheek conure is 8 and never talked. I heard females
    >> don't. Maybe my male is a female.
    > We have a green cheek that calls himself a "pretty birdie" all
    > day. We can whistle and do kiss noises too. He started doing
    > this around 1 year old. The "petty birdie" sounds like he had
    > one drink too many at happy hour.

    Deb: Yes! My girly Green Cheek Says Pretty Birdie, Pretty Bird,
    Pretty Pretty Pretty, Whistles, kisses, and says her
    name "Cricket" or Pretty Cricket. She lived in a country store
    as a pet, that is why I think she started so young 'around 1'.
    She also lays beside me on her back in the bed. She's pretty
    clear in her words, unless she's screaming it. In her nighttime
    cage, she is very good at pronouncing her words.