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Re: Can a Sun and a cockateil live together in peace??

Posted by electra on 10/16/06
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    not a good idea to try......i would not risk my birds on an
    experiment like this......unless you have a huge walk in
    flight where one fid can escape the attack of the other if

    On 10/15/06, Dayna wrote:
    > Hi I currently have a 2 year old cockateil and I am in the
    > process of looking for a sun conure. I was wondering if
    > they would need to be in separate cages or if they could
    > share a cage( the one I have now is very large)? I was
    > also wondering if they would get along in general My
    > cockateil Spongebob loves to be out and is out most of the
    > day with me and the sun would be too. Thanks!