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Re: Can a Sun and a cockateil live together in peace??

Posted by Deb Venn on 10/19/06
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    on 10/19/06, Deb wrote:
    we have a sun conure Cosmo and cockatiel Louie who have shared a
    cage for over a year, and they are totally in love. When Cosmo is
    out of sight, Louie cries incessantly. We got a budgie for our
    green cheek to room with. The 2 conures do not play well, but they
    are so happy with their variant breed cage mates. It is wonderful
    to see them groom together.

    Our only problem is the decibel level of the sun. geez

    On 10/16/06, Debbie wrote:
    > As Audrey wrote it really depends on the birds. My friends mom
    > has 2 cockatiels with her sun but she did it nice and slow just
    > to see how they would do.
    > I would start out with their cages by each other first. Dont
    > leave them alone at all when you are starting out putting them
    > around each other because it just takes a split second to have
    > one get hurt. Better safe than sorry just like kids.
    > Good luck :0)
    > Debbie
    > On 10/16/06, audrey wrote:
    >> It depends solely on the two birds and how well they do or do
    >> not get along. They may instantly bond or may hate each other.
    >> If they are buddies and you feel it is safe, you can try it.
    >> In the beginning, I wouldn't cage them together. Plus, you
    >> will want to make sure both of them are healthy before they
    >> meet. I have seen conures and cockitiels that are good friends
    >> and live together. Just trust your gut instinct.
    >> On 10/16/06, electra wrote:
    >>> not a good idea to try......i would not risk my birds on an
    >>> experiment like this......unless you have a huge walk in
    >>> flight where one fid can escape the attack of the other if
    >>> necessary.
    >>> On 10/15/06, Dayna wrote:
    >>>> Hi I currently have a 2 year old cockateil and I am in the
    >>>> process of looking for a sun conure. I was wondering if
    >>>> they would need to be in separate cages or if they could
    >>>> share a cage( the one I have now is very large)? I was
    >>>> also wondering if they would get along in general My
    >>>> cockateil Spongebob loves to be out and is out most of the
    >>>> day with me and the sun would be too. Thanks!