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Re: black capped conure

Posted by Connie on 10/25/06
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    On 10/17/06, rita wrote:
    > My black cap is 5 months old. He started doing this thing
    > now when I take him out of his cage he starts right up my
    > arm to my head. I have to tear him out of my hair. Then
    > he bites on my fingers, like he is playing but he bites
    > hard. I try to give him a toy to play with when he does
    > this but he doesn't want the toy. What is this behavior
    > saying?
    > thanks rita

    Hi Rita, Have you tired putting him in a dominant position
    and putting his beak together and telling him, "No Bite".
    That's what I do with all my birds. I take my pointer finger
    and my middle finger and slip it around the back of his head
    and turn him over on his back. That way, he can move his
    head without getting hurt and can't bite you. No pressure to
    hurt him but enough for him to move his head some without
    biting. Then take your right hand and close his beak gently,
    while he's on his back and being somewhat restrained around
    the neck, and tell him "No Bite", while you hold his beak
    together gently. Do this every time he bites you hard and he
    will learn who's boss. I hope this helps. Connie