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Re: Bird Not Eating Until 10:30 pm daily

Posted by Rebecca on 11/14/06
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    On 10/24/06, Andrea wrote:
    > Hello, My ten year old Alexandrine Ringneck will not eat
    > when I'm not home. He then is happy when he sees me and
    > still won't settle down to eat. He then eats a little
    > around 10:30 when I turn down the lights for bedtime. In
    > the morning as I get ready for work, he's hungry and eats
    > little. I'm worried about my baby. Is there any way to
    > unlearn this behavior?

    My birds don't eat much when I am not home either. Birds are
    flock animals that like to eat with their flock which in
    this case is you. You could try playing a bird video when
    you are not there to give him an extended flock. Steve
    Hartman created one that my birds enjoy. It's called The
    Bird Sitter. You can order it at among
    other places. Maybe when you are home you could make sure
    you let him see you eat. It might encourage him to eat more
    often. Also, birds love to eat fresh foods and have a bite
    or two of what we are eating. Has he always eaten like this?
    If you think he is acting different or looking thinner you
    may want to seriously consider getting him to an avian vet
    for a checkup. Let us know how he is doing.