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Re: Bird Not Eating Until 10:30 pm daily

Posted by Greyman on 11/20/06
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    Emmn question.. If you aren't home then how do you know he
    isnt eating? (just being devil's advocate..) Try varrying his
    food up a bit and also keep an eye on what you give him. Or
    add a second cup for soft foods. Fresh foods are great and
    Ringnecks lovvve Veggies..

    On 11/14/06, Rebecca wrote:
    > On 10/24/06, Andrea wrote:
    >> Hello, My ten year old Alexandrine Ringneck will not eat
    >> when I'm not home. He then is happy when he sees me and
    >> still won't settle down to eat. He then eats a little
    >> around 10:30 when I turn down the lights for bedtime. In
    >> the morning as I get ready for work, he's hungry and eats
    > a
    >> little. I'm worried about my baby. Is there any way to
    >> unlearn this behavior?
    > My birds don't eat much when I am not home either. Birds are
    > flock animals that like to eat with their flock which in
    > this case is you. You could try playing a bird video when
    > you are not there to give him an extended flock. Steve
    > Hartman created one that my birds enjoy. It's called The
    > Bird Sitter. You can order it at among
    > other places. Maybe when you are home you could make sure
    > you let him see you eat. It might encourage him to eat more
    > often. Also, birds love to eat fresh foods and have a bite
    > or two of what we are eating. Has he always eaten like this?
    > If you think he is acting different or looking thinner you
    > may want to seriously consider getting him to an avian vet
    > for a checkup. Let us know how he is doing.